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I have an emergency with the intrauterine device because is covered with meat

Many greetings, I am writing to know if you could help in my case, 6 years ago I have a device in the uterus (IUD )to not have babies, for the economic, social situation that crosses the country, but since 3 years this device has been covered with meat, currently the public health service doesn't have the materials to make the change of the device, this procedure is very expensive, and I don't have the necessary resources, every time the period comes, it inflates me a lot, and lowers me the tension with a very strong fever, the idea is to remove the device and add one in my arm (Nexplanon), because my uterus is severely damaged, I don't have the money for the intrauterine echo, I am very sorry to ask for help but I do not know what to do, PLEASEE AND THANKSS A LOT

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Author: catilina fiol mendoza
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