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Soi Dog Foundation (Soi Dog) was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand, to help the street dogs and cats who had no-one else to care for them.  Funding then, as it is now, came entirely from individuals who shared, and continue to share, the vision of our founders.

Our work with street animals consists of spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens being born into short lives of suffering, along with the rescue, vaccination, medical treatment, sheltering, and adoption of those that cannot be returned to their territory. 

Every year, Soi Dog spays/neuters and vaccinates tens of thousands of street dogs and cats in Phuket, Bangkok, and other provinces of Thailand, and has to date sterilised more than 261,571 animals.  We are conducting a series of mobile sterilisation clinics across the Bangkok metropolitan area, home to approximately 640,000 street dogs. This project will eventually comprise ten mobile clinics and will take an estimated seven years to complete. 

Today, Soi Dog Foundation has a dedicated cat hospital and a state-of-the-art dog hospital – the largest and most comprehensive hospital in Asia, and possibly the world, dedicated purely to the treatment of street dogs. Gill Dalley devoted the last four years of her life to designing and overseeing the construction of the hospital to fulfil a promise she made many years earlier to provide the best possible treatment for her beloved street dogs.

Soi Dog Foundation prides itself on the effective and efficient use of donated funds. Soi Dog's financial accounts are audited each year by an independent accountant and are submitted to the Thai government. 

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