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A small family needs help and support

Lives a small family - mother Larisa and daughter Louise. Mom - disabled with a pension of less than $ 80 per month.
They live in a small makeshift, which went to Larisa after dividing the living area between brothers and sisters. In a large family discord, help waiting for nowhere. Louise's father died long ago ...

Recently, they raised funds for a water heater, Larisa was able to make a small extension for the future bathroom. Now girls wash in a basin, heating the water in a thermopot, but this is very inconvenient. In the spring, work will be begun on finishing the extension, repairing floors, plastering, laying tile, installing a bathroom, sink and water heater. The material is there, but it is not enough.
Money in a small family is not enough.

Larisa is very difficult to walk long distances, but she moves around the house, washes her clothes in an old washing machine, rinsing by hand. Prepares, cleans, washes her daughter in the pelvis. He drowns the stove in the winter and constantly thinks about the future. Her vision is weak, but her glasses hurt her head. Flat feet are not treated at all, in order to drive a child to school, you need to strengthen the muscles of the legs and back. She visited the kinesitherapy center, there can pick up orthopedic insoles and heal the back, but with a pension of $ 80 this is not available ...

More recently, Louise lay for 5 days with a high temperature, the treatment did not work, on the fifth day the temperature became 40.5 ° C.
With great difficulty, she was able to be reduced to 38.5 and went to the infectious diseases hospital, where, after serving in a queue, they spent 3.5 hours on an appointment with a doctor. The doctor said that there was no infection, it went complications - kidneys and bronchitis. Sent to the children's hospital. In the middle of the night, they rushed on foot there and ran for hours in the frost from body to body, from doctor to laboratory and back, on x-rays and back. Without the ability to warm up or drink water. In the children's hospital, all examinations are paid, but even there the child could not determine the cause of the high temperature. As a result, already in the morning, based on the results of all examinations, they diagnosed bronchopneumonia, gave a pill, prescribed a treatment and let go home. Larisa received a general overcooling of the body, and came down with a temperature of 39 ° C, severe chills and cough.
On the third day Larisa became easier - 38 °. It became easier for the child, the temperature was asleep, a cough remained, it is not going to school yet.
At the moment, it takes a lot of money to buy medicines. Let's help this little wonderful family together!

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