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Urgent move and investment Venezuela

Category:Social Published:11 Feb 2019

My name is Douglas Itriago , I am from Venezuela, and due to family problems I have a lot of time living in a hotel with my partner, I have two daughters, I am a graphic designer and web developer .. but I have no job at this time .. the inflation here generated an increase in the price of hotel in more than 3000% and I always survive thanks to the cryptocurrencies but the price is very high, I have to move urgently and pay the debt I have here to move I need 90 usd, is what they ask me, 3 months deposit (guarantee) and one month in advance in the new rent. I hope to make an investment with 150 usd, to support my daughters soon. I only have my lapto, I can not sell it, it is my only work tool. All this was a surprise and it is urgent to resolve my situation.  

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Artur was born with IRDS (infant respiratory distress syndrome), it is a disease when the lungs of a newborn do not unfold because of the lack of native lung surfactant. On August 18, second day after birth, he got into Vachira Hospial crisis therapy unit and still remains there. The treatment is very expensive, we have already ran out of funds despite the help provided by our relatives and friends and we have completely spent our savings. The doctors can't name the exact time needed for recovery. A 10-day lung ventilation has been conducted, along with the treatment with serious medications and blood transfusions (which is still required). The child is now on artificial oxygen supply and parenteral feeding through a vein. Anyone who wills to help, can send money to Russian Sberbank VISA card 4276380159929111 or via PAYPAL - Kasikornbank - 010-1-78983-7 (Zavalishin Ivan). Our debt is currently 226000 thai baht. I'm always in contact, I live next to the ho ...

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